HOURS: Mon. - Thur. 11a.m. - 10.p.m. Fri. - Sat. 11a.m. - Midnight Sun. 11a.m. - 10p.m. CALL : 941-955-8404 ADDRESS: 1572 Main St Sarasota, Fl 34286, On the corner of Main and Orange

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Sushi Lunch Specials Daily

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Thai Bistro and Sushi Bar

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Bringing the Bistro to You

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Café Happenings
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Savor authentic Thai cuisine and inventive sushi in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Enjoy boutique wines and sake from around the world, and we’re open until midnight every Friday and Saturday night.

We are proud to be a member of the Sarasota-Manatee Originals for over 10 years!

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